Relationships Married man tells mistress he wants 'one last holiday' with his wife

Married man tells mistress he wants ‘one last holiday’ with his wife

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It's more usual for the wife whose husband is in an extra-marital affair to complain. So here's your chance to hear the mistress' side of the story.

A married man torn between his wife and mistress asks his mistress for time “to go on a last holiday” with his wife before he gets a divorce.

At a loss for what to do, the mistress lets our her frustration in  a post on popular confessions page NUSWhispers on Thursday (Apr 7).

She writes: “I fell in love with a married man with no kids. He was married for 3 years when we got together officially. When he brought up divorce to his wife, he said the wife was sad but agreed to the divorce”. 

The man not only asked for some time before they started divorce proceedings but also shared two requests from his wife: That he not contact his mistress until the divorce is final, and that he take her on occasional outings.

The mistress says that while her lover would often text her while on “outings” with his wife, these dates –  that’s what they are –  could last from three to 15 hours.

“This situation dragged on for 3 months since the wife’s discovery of the affair. I feel uneased sometimes when they go on dates. We often quarreled (sic) after his dates and he will say that I do not trust him, not seeing the bigger picture and that I should not allow jealousy to get the better of me”, she says.

The man justifies his behaviour that by saying that since he and his mistress are  the ones who wronged his wife, they should try to lessen their guilt by being nice to her so that she would hold less of a grudge against them.

“3 months passed and they were supposed to sign the divorce papers as agreed between themselves. However, that did not happened and it dragged on another month with no updates from him, although he stopped going on dates. When he finally signed on the papers (although he didn’t show me evidence), he became very down and low-spirit”, she added. The man said that his wife was very sad as well and noted that she cried a lot at the lawyers’ office,” she says.

She also complains: “Previously, he also said he will move out of the matrimonial house after signing the papers, but he changed his mind and said he will do so just before the divorce is official in 4 months’ time”.

When they argue, she says, he even suggests “cooling down/breaking up momentarily so he can go ahead to fulfil his wife’s last wishes”. While he confirmed that he would not halt divorce proceedings, “he also said previously the wife suggested to go on a last holiday and he would like to accede to her request now”.

“This was the last straw for me and I told him he can go ahead and do what he wants. We shall break up. I have awakened,” the mistress writes..

Netizens were not at all sympathetic to the woman. Most sided with the man’s wife, and some were downright sarcastic to the mistress.


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