SINGAPORE: After an unpleasant early morning experience with a rude man on a bicycle, a motorist took to social media to explain why Singapore drivers “hate road cyclists”.

Mr Zijun Huang wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Sunday (Sept 10) that he was driving home when he encountered a rude cyclist.

“Just a normal day, minding my own business. Then came an Asian cyclist about 40-50 years old. I am in the far left lane as I need to enter the highway.

I try to keep as far as I can from him and they are the ‘king of the road.’ However, my right side got lots of car(s).”

Mr Huang added that he tried his best to avoid the cyclist despite the heavy traffic.

However, the cyclist appeared angry and ended up swearing at him and making a rude gesture with his middle finger “as if he own(s) the road and he is paying road tax”.

He added, “This is really ridiculous and many cyclist(s) thought they are king of the road and expect everyone to give way far far from them.”

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This behaviour might be okay on low-traffic roads, wrote Mr Huang, but he was driving in the vicinity of Beauty World, where there was “so much heavy traffic.”

“I am sure many driver here have their share of encounter with these king of the road. Sigh early morning got scolding for nothing,” he added.

His post resonated with many netizens, as they shared and commented on it.


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