SINGAPORE: A woman who said she was treated badly by a service staff at a stall at ION Orchard took to social media on Monday (Sept 11). “You can visit here if you want to get scold(ed),” wrote Ms Judith Gan on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page.

“I was waiting to take order and this staff was doing his own thing and dont even bother. Then he shown attitude and shout at me for no reason. Mental problem?” she asked, adding that there are also reviews online about poor service at King of Fried Rice.

She posted a photo of the server in question, who is wearing glasses and a mask in the pictures.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Gan and King of Fried Rice for updates or further comments.

Many netizens have left comments and shared the post.

This is what happens in the service line. Lack of workers. & government come out with stupid quota requirements to hire foreign worker for the service line which most Singaporean dun want to work in. 1 worker mend the stall must cook + take order. Sooner or later also will go bonkers like this poor chap,” wrote one.

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Another observed, “King of fried rice standard drop after opening many branches. Money come first.”

One netizen, however, asked if the server “Could be a Differently Abled employee?”


Netizens divided on ‘very rude’ cook at King of Fried Rice outlet