SINGAPORE: Motorists and cyclists don’t always get along well when they need to share space on Singapore roads. In the latest example, one car driver was surprised after an angry bike rider pounded on his car bonnet two times after the driver had honked at him.

A video of the incident, which occurred at Sungei Tengah Road at 8:45 am Sunday (Sept 10), has been posted on the Facebook and YouTube accounts of SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, where it has gotten thousands of views.

According to the post, the car’s bonnet sustained damage from the pounding the cyclist gave it. The car’s owner called the police, but the cyclist was not arrested.

After statements were taken at the scene of the incident, the different parties left.

The video, taken from a dash cam, shows a car driving up to a cyclist dressed in orange bike gear, who had stopped, like everyone else, due to a red light.

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When the light turned green, everyone went on again, but the cyclist was in the way of the car driver, who then honked at the cyclist.

The cyclist proceeded to pound the car’s bonnet twice. He used some force, as the thuds were heard on the video.

Photos show that the bonnet of the car sustained damage.

Screengrab/SG Road Vigilante 

The two men can then be heard getting into an argument because of the incident.

The video then cuts to the men continuing their argument, with another cyclist also present.

The audio of the recording is a bit hard to understand, but it appears that the bike rider argued that the driver had hit him, which the driver denied. /TISG

Woman cyclist jumps on car hood after road rage incident along East Coast Road