SINGAPORE: A man took to TikTok to express his frustration after his elderly parents, who wanted to enjoy a nice meal together, were asked to move their personal mobility devices (PMDs) to the first floor of the mall.

The problem was that the restaurant where Mr Chen’s family had their meal was on the second floor of Ang Mo Kio Hub on Saturday (Nov 11). The man, 86, and his 75-year-old wife placed their PMDs in a corner near the mall’s customer service counter without hampering anyone’s way. He documented the incident in a TikTok video, which received much attention online.


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One of the security guards working at the mall came into the restaurant and asked that the PMDs be moved to the parking area on the first floor.

“If my parents (were) able to wake from L1 to L2, I don’t think they (would) need the mobility device,” said Mr Chen in the video. He asked the guard for some leeway for his parents, who have difficulty walking. However, reportedly, the guard did not pay heed to his explanations.

The elderly couple were unable to finish their meal, choosing instead to have the food packed so they could leave. “They dare(d) not continue,” he added. He told 8world that his parents were afraid they would get fined if they failed to remove their PMD.

The video then shows an elderly woman who has difficulty walking and an elderly man who walks using a cane being escorted out of the restaurant, presumably by members of their family.

They are seen making their way to their PMDs, where parking advisory slips await them.

“I understand that the security guard was merely doing his job, but with the aging population in Singapore, many elderly people have problems with mobility, I hope the mall management can be more understanding towards them,” Mr Chen said.

Many people commented on Mr Chen’s video that compassion could have been extended toward the elderly couple. Others suggested that the couple use wheelchairs next time.

Mr Chen has since posted another video to address some of the comments.


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♬ original sound – 来兴旺 – 来兴旺

The Independent Singapore has contacted AMK Hub for comment or further updates.

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UPDATE: Nov 16, 2023

A spokesperson from AMK Hub clarified the matter with the below statement:

“On 12 November 2023, AMK Hub’s security personnel were alerted that two mobility scooters were parked next to the glass panel at Level 2 near the Customer Service Counter. Considering the safety of other visitors, a security guard approached the owners of the mobility scooters, and requested for them to relocate the mobility scooters.

We would like to assure all that AMK Hub is an inclusive mall for shoppers of all ages and abilities. The safety and well-being of our shoppers, tenants, and employees are of utmost importance to us. We remain committed to providing a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all at AMK Hub. We will also continue to work with our service providers to ensure that they deliver a high standard of service to all visitors.”


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