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Maid reveals her confusion saying she wants a transfer because she feels tired and “done like I can’t work anymore” but still wants to stay

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The maid said she felt lost and asked others in the group for feedback; many sympathized with her plight. One netizen suggested that she go back home and enjoy a simpler life

SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper took to social media to share her confusion about her work.

In a post to a support group on social media, the helper said that she wanted to ask her employers for a transfer but at the same time said she still liked to “stay here”. However, she added, “also sometimes I’m feel so tired and feel done like I can’t work anymore. I’m getting confused now about my decision”.

She said she was lost and asked others in the group to help with her decision.

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Here’s what others said:


Earlier this year, an employer of a maid took to social media asking where he could transfer her because she “is not really a good worker”.

In an anonymous post to a Facebook group for domestic helpers and employers, a man explained that his maid was found “Cutting corners, wakes up at 7 am and takes a 2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoon citing she is tired, but uses her phone till 1 to 2 am daily even though she retires in her room by 9pm. Last straw was when she overdosed my brother on medication, and her exvuse being it is easier to give him everything at one go as opposed to 3 times a day”.

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Regarding the medication situation, the man added that social services and the police were also involved, and the maid was given a warning.

He added that while she was hired directly from her previous employer and kept her for a year, he did not find her a good fit for his household. While getting a new helper in a few weeks, he wondered if he should send his current maid back home or find an agent to take her and offer her a new placement.

The man wrote that he was not keen on sending her to a new employer as he did not find her a good worker. “She can’t remember simple instructions etc etc so I don’t think it will be fair for me to let someone else employ her”, he added.

Maid naps 3 hours in afternoons because ‘she’s tired’ but then uses her phone till 2am; gives employer’s brother 3 doses of medication at one go

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