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On CNN, Jake Tapper and Laura Coates discussed the trial of Donald Trump’s business dealings, focusing on Michael Cohen’s testimony. Tapper found it shocking that Cohen admitted to embezzling $420,000 from the Trump Organization, a fact not highlighted by the prosecution earlier. Coates expressed surprise at the late disclosure, noting its significance to the case’s core. 

They mentioned Cohen’s payment of $130,000 to Daniels and her attorney, and $20,000 to Red Finch, a firm involved in manipulating online polls and providing fake supporters for Trump’s campaign announcement, as further evidence of deceit.

Will this affect Trump’s business record? 

Additionally, the testimony of Michael Cohen, particularly his admission of embezzling funds from the Trump Organization and the details of the hush money payments, could have significant implications for Donald Trump’s business record. The revelations during the trial suggest financial misconduct and potential manipulation of business records, which can tarnish the reputation of Trump’s business practices.

Cohen’s confession sparking debates on social media 


Apparently, those from the conventional media are justifying Cohen’s actions while he was in Trump’s organization. They claim that he was rightfully taking a “bonus” for his service, which most conservatives are shocked by. For most, embezzling is always frowned upon, but for liberals, maybe it might not no longer be the case. 

Following that, others feel that Trump did not select the best people to be on his team, especially with this whole mess being spread out for the world to see. Regardless, conservatives are still defending the former President as they feel that he is innocent. 

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