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Maid says her agent forced her to sign contract; as a result, she was not allowed to call family & kids for 6 months and had no day off

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The agent told her: "You can disagree and not to sign but we will straight away send you Philippines by today".

SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper working in Singapore for about eight years now took to social media sharing about her journey as a maid that began in 2010 in Kuwait.

In a post to a support group on social media for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid wrote that she worked in Kuwait and Malaysia before coming to Singapore. She wrote that when she was in Kuwait, she had no day off for the first few months and only got some time to herself after seven months. Following that, she decided to work in Malaysia as she felt it was nearer to her home country, the Philippines.

“When I apply for Malaysia I put my education attainment. My skills and courses I had. But the agent says”. You’re too qualified, I think put secondary graduate can already easy for you to get hired.” .So I agree to the suggestion”, she wrote.

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She added that in Malaysia, she was sent for any training or acclimatisation course and was even told who she should call for help. After signing the contract at the agency, she wrote that her agent told her to sign another document with additional rules imposed by her employer.

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She added that the additional rules were as follows:

You cannot use your phone (unless you need to call your family, ask your employer’s permission)
You cannot have a day off
You cannot have a boyfriend
You cannot get pregnant
Must cut your hair short (bob cut)
Must follow your employer’s instructions
The agent then told her: “You can disagree and not to sign but we will straight away send you Philippines by today”.
After she started work, she discovered that she was not working for the person who employed her and was sent to their friend’s house instead. She worked there for two years. She said she had not called her family and children for six months.

Fast forward to 2016, she came to Singapore. ”

Thankful enough to have offday and phone, And manage to upgrade my self by studying difrnt (sic) courses which helps me boost confidence as an individual. With the help of the phone, I can stay InTouch with my kids everyday. And know their daily activities even I’m far, and I’m contented enough that I never fail as a mother even I’m far. Now at same employer, currently on my 4th contract and counting”, she wrote.
Here’s what others who commented on her post said:
Earlier this month, a stay-at-home mother to three girls took to social media asking for opinions on her maid.

She said that her maid holds her own handphone and has no restrictions on phone usage. Her three children are aged five, three and two. “I am hands on with kids and only need help from helper sometimes with washing them/changing. My helper holds her own hp & no restriction / i dont keep her hp and she gets wifi all day round. When i leave her home with the girls, shes very happy ( coz get hp usage nonstop) when im at home, she put in black face even though less hands on kids”, the woman wrote.

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She asked if all other maids liked being home without their employers and caring for their children.

Employer says her maid is very happy to stay home with the kids and unlimited phone usage; she starts sulking when adults come back

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