The official broadcast information for Kim Dong Wook and Park Se Wan’s upcoming comedy-crime series “Seoul Busters” has been revealed!

On May 21, Disney+ unveiled the broadcast schedule for “Seoul Busters” and released a group photo featuring the main cast: Kim Dong Wook, Park Se Wan, Park Ji Hwan, Seo Hyun Woo, and Lee Seung Woo.

Photo: Instagram/Park Se Wan

Comedy crime drama

“Seoul Busters” is a fresh comedy crime drama that depicts the journey of the country’s least successful violent crimes unit as it transforms into the top team under the leadership of a highly skilled new team leader.

The drama is penned by acclaimed screenwriters Lee Young Chul, known for the “High Kick” series and “The Best Hit,” and Lee Kwang Jae of “Potato Star 2013QR3.”

Kim Dong Wook stars as Dongbang Yoo Bin, the chief of the Songwon Police Station’s Homicide Squad Unit 2. Yoo Bin is not only handsome and intelligent but also athletically gifted.

He turned down a permanent appointment at a prominent foreign university in favour of returning to Korea to head the Homicide Squad Unit 2 of Songwon Police Station, which had the lowest arrest rate in the country at the time.

Gentle demeanour

Park Se Wan plays Seo Min Seo, who wields significant power within the Songwon Police Station’s Homicide Squad Unit 2 despite her gentle demeanour.

Park Ji Hwan, known for his role in “The Roundup” series, plays Moo Joong Ryeok, a seasoned detective and former national boxing team member with a tough exterior and surprising charm.

Seo Hyun Woo portrays detective Jung Jung Hwan, a former national shooting team member who once aspired to win multiple Olympic titles but now focuses on earning a promotion to support his family.

Positive attitude and passion

Newcomer Lee Seung Woo plays Jang Tan Sik, the youngest detective in Dongbang Yoo Bin’s squad. Though clumsy at his job, his positive attitude and passion compensate for his mistakes.

Originally planned to air on SBS, “Seoul Busters” will premiere on Disney+ in September.