Dear Editor,

I refer to The Independent Singapore’s featured news: Singaporean says it’s “irresponsible for parents to pin their hopes and dreams on their children” (May 13).

As I know, some “kiasu” parents might not want their children to experience too many wrong roads or bumpy detours during the initial stages of their career path.

It is because these parents or their friends may have experienced the difficulties or “trauma” of it.

It seems an overstatement for the particular Singaporean who took to social media to speak out against parents who live vicariously through their children

However, as a parent, you must also thoroughly understand your child’s thoughts on the career he or she is interested in or aspires to and whether he or she has the ability and endurance to withstand the challenges of the career or job he or she desires.

As parents, we should not be overprotective of our children.

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We should let them experience the challenges of trials and errors and ups and downs so that they will learn to appreciate and value the indelible difficulties, experiences, and wisdom in their lives.

It is meaningless, unrealistic and irrational for parents to pinning their hopes and dreams on their kids. In short, they only put unnecessary pressure and psychological burden on their children.

It is true for this specific social media netizen to comment that parents placing their hopes and dreams on their children is inappropriate, as it places unfair expectations on young ones.

Teo Kueh Liang

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