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KF Seetoh posts list of things he’d rather do than partake of SIA’s dining sessions

The Makansutra founder's list includes activities like a picnic in the park, cycling and walking in the rain




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Singapore—While Singapore Airlines’ dining sessions were sold out in less than half an hour and SIA has now added more opportunities for diners to enjoy the meals at Restaurant A380 @ Changi, food guru Kf Seetoh has taken to social media to say, thanks, but no thanks.

Instead, the founder of Makansutra, food consultant, photographer, writer and television host, whose opinion carries significant weight in Singapore, listed a few activities he would prefer to do rather than partake of SIA’s meals.

Posting a photo from The Straits Times’ article captioned “Top of the News: SIA adds cabin dining sessions after tickets sold out,” Mr Seetoh wrote “That one is not on my list,” adding that the meal “made no sense” to him, although he acknowledged that many would “find it so comforting.”

That one is not on my list, although many will find it so comforting to eat a $200 meal in a stationary airplane. I much…

Posted by Kf Seetoh on Monday, 12 October 2020

Here is the list of what the food guru would rather do, in Mr Seetoh’s own words.

  • have a picnic in the park with your family and friends. with a bottle of prosecco of cold milo and soft shell crab burgers for KEK or Arnolds fried chicken or whatever, cos you know it’s not abt the food
  • go cycling Ah Pek style, where you stop- cos the teh tarek and kalipap beckons and when a nice breeze came your way, then went on to cycle anywhere you want (off road, over the grass and easy pace)
  • treasure being alone by yourself ever so often
  • walk in the rain and feel the glory of nature
  • take a bus ride to dunno where, dun care when. and just be curious by all you see, like a kid.
  • wondered (sic) about and appreciate the effort  how they made that beef rendang or chicken rice..a second before it went down your hatch and be really grateful we have this so easily here
  • stop to observe, really close, those little flower that blossom amid the grass patch outside your home and along the gritty streets, and realised they wanna stay pretty and natural no matter the situation around
  • lay down on the grass, looked up and watch clouds move
  • drink from a tap in Singapore, then splash water on the face
  • break out in song or dance to that wonderful ear worm tune in your head all day long..like Pharrell’s Happy , and you just didnt give a hoot, or danced along with someone who did just that (cos you can’t sing for nuts).
  • swim in in a lake
  • cast a fishing line into the ocean and not worry how big or if you are gonna catch any fish at all
  • worry about how much you gonna make from that deal
  • spare your dimes for the less fortunate, always
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He added, “Without worrying about if the police will fine you, get drench, catch a cold, time all the those deeds, if loneliness will get you,  wonder if you need that extra dollar in you pocket…..”

SIA announced its dining sessions on October 1, which range from S$50 to S$600, depending on what class seating you choose. Add-ons to the dining experience may include a tour at SIA’s training facility ($15 for children, $30 for adults) or S$500 for a flight simulator experience for up to three participants.

SIA’s kitchen is also offering home delivery meals for S$288 for a business-class meal for two and S$448 for a first-class meal. —/TISG

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