Jamus Lim

SINGAPORE: Like many Singaporeans, not to mention others around the world, Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Jamus Lim caught COVID-19 over the holidays. Unfortunately, he also suffered from a slipped disc just before testing positive for COVID.

But the Sengkang GRC MP appears to be nicely on the mend. After some days off of social media, he posted on Saturday (Jan 6) on Facebook and Instagram that he’s “pretty much back to my usual routine, albeit still taking it a little easier.

Assoc Prof Lim wrote that he and his family had visitors from out of town and had planned a staycation at Sentosa to spend time together. But instead of regular R&R—rest and relaxation—his holiday break ended up being more of a “recovery and recuperation” time.

“A few days before Christmas, I somehow managed to throw my back out, ending up with a slipped disc. And to add insult to injury (literally and figuratively), I somehow managed to catch COVID a few days after that, which kept me in quarantine all the way through to New Year’s,” he wrote, posting a photo of a positive antigen test as evidence.

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But Assoc Prof Lim, ever the optimist, found good in the situation. The silver lining to the isolation enforced by illness was that he was able to get a fair bit of work done.

“I had been behind in reviewing page proofs for a textbook that I am working on, and so the imposed isolation afforded the time to get a deadly boring (but necessary) task done. I had been backlogged on emails and prepping for next week’s Parliamentary sitting, and so managed to get up to speed on those,” he shared, adding that “Ultimately, it seemed like the body just needed to not be running around doing things, but instead just take a hiatus and reset for the year.”

He ended his post by writing that he’s had a “much-needed break,” before going on to remind everyone about Sengkang’s River Run, usually held on the first Saturday of the month.

“But it’ll be a little more laid back on my end, with the post-COVID breathlessness and residual back soreness. But hopefully I’ll catch folks around nonetheless, for a more leisurely jaunt down the river,” he added.

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Assoc Prof Lim and the WP team at Sengkang began running regularly along the riverside in June 2022 to help residents boost their fitness. /TISG

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