SINGAPORE: During house visits at Sengkang GRC recently, Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim has been able to visit several housing blocks in both Compassvale and Anchorvale, the ward he represents in Parliament.

One resident expressed appreciation for the issues that the WP has raised in the House. “He felt that all good governments need good opposition. We agree, and it is in this spirit that we position all our parliamentary interventions; not to muckrake and find fault, but to provide constructive feedback, because it is through responding to such critique that ideas get refined and improved, and molded to become the sort of policies we wish to see in society. #SengkangGRC

In a Facebook post on Friday (Dec 22), the WP MP shared about two particular conversations he had this week. One resident expressed gladness at the opportunity to connect with their MP, and the other spoke to him and the WP volunteers with Assoc Prof Lim about the importance of the opposition in Parliament.

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The first resident told him that “it was nice to be able to connect” with the MP, however briefly.

This made the MP seem like a real person, not just a face they see on TV when during broadcasts parliamentary proceedings. I assured him that we were, indeed, very regular folks, and if anything, it is the engagements we have with residents that feed us with the issues and concerns that we subsequently raise in parliament,” wrote Assoc Prof Lim.

Assoc Prof Lim and the WP team at Sengkang have been busy on the ground with various holiday and year-end activities.

Last Sunday (Dec 17), they held a back-to-school distribution for children from less fortunate households, handing out book/stationery vouchers, a school bag, and “a little Christmas freebie” of a towel in the shape of a cupcake that had been made by a visually-handicapped group who produce these items to support themselves. These were donated to Team Sengkang by a sponsor.

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Meanwhile, Ms He Ting Ru, the Sengkang MP representing Buangkok, reminded residents of the annual Christmas gift exchange on Saturday (Dec 23). 

“We will be collecting items to be donated to the Singapore Cheshire Home. Come and join us at 273E Compassvale Link, for a bit of festive cheer to mark the end of 2023,” she wrote in a Dec 21 Facebook post.