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‘It hurts me if this is happening to my elderly’ — Netizen sad to see uncle sitting alone in wheelchair while maid plays with her phone

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“I'm new in Singapore, I don't know is this common or is this the SOP of bringing elderly down for a walk or fresh air here,” the netizen wrote

SINGAPORE: A newcomer to Singapore said she was shocked upon seeing an elderly man left alone in a wheelchair while a helper sat nearby, appearing to surf on her phone.

Facebook user Ho Wei Sheng wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on Wednesday (Aug 9) that she had seen the man at 421 Hougang.

“I’m new in Singapore, I don’t know is this common or is this the SOP of bringing elderly down for a walk or fresh air here.”

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She clarified, however, that she does not know the family of the elderly man, and neither does she know who the maid works for.

Yet she added that this is not the first time she has seen this, adding, “It hurts me if this is happening to my elderly. Same spot, same thing the maid is doing. Playing, swiping her phone. Same scenery the uncle is seeing, the bicycles. If this is your elderly, this is your maid, I strongly suggest you to stop hiring this maid.”

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ho Wei Sheng for further comment and updates.

The post has since been shared and commented on widely.

Some netizens wrote that this is not uncommon in Singapore.

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However, one commenter wrote, “Why blame the helper? Want to blame pls blame his own children not taking care of him. Don’t expect an outsider to be 24/7 sitting or standing beside. Helper need to have their own space and break too.”

But not everyone agreed with this.

One netizen offered a more nuanced take, “There is no perfect / fool proof solution. I am learning how to let go too, if not, i will die before my beloved mum! There is no such thing call this disease is easier than that disease to take care. As long as there is someone sick at home, it is never easy. Salute to all caregiver be it whatever disease patient you are taking care of.”

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At least got view lah, if no maid then will be just four walls,” chimed in another.

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