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Stories you might’ve missed, Aug 10

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“Everything is way too centred around pay cheque and staying afloat in Singapore” — Singaporeans on what made them leave Singapore


Photo: Freepik/tawatchai07

SINGAPORE: “Those of you who have migrated out of Singapore, what made you leave?” This is the question an online user posted in an online forum. Many responded in the comments section, sharing what factors they considered when migrating. Ironically, the conversation started just a day before Singapore’s 58th birthday.

“I’ve just come back from staying overseas somewhere in Europe for an extended period of time,” an online user wrote in the Ask Singapore Reddit group on Tuesday (Aug 8). “Besides the food that I missed, I suddenly felt like I didn’t belong at home anymore, ironically in a period when national symbols are everywhere in the country. I wanna know what has prompted other Singaporeans to leave this country for life somewhere else and if it was worth giving up most of what’s here, or if you can see yourself moving back ever.”

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Customer wonders why she has to pay 20¢ fee for cashless payment



SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to ask whether an additional, though small, fee is allowed to be charged when a cashless payment is done.

Ms Nur Azah posted on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Wednesday morning (Aug 9) a photo of a cash register at a shop, with the display showing a total of $4.20.

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Felicia Chin advises on how to find meaning in one’s work


Photo: IG screengrab/@hhm.sg

SINGAPORE: In an Instagram reel, Felicia Chin advised people who had financial burdens but wanted to quit their jobs. She asked in her post caption: “What will you do if you face this crossroad in your life?”

Felicia admitted that she once felt that she could not find meaning in her work and intentionally looked for ways to find meaning in what she did. She encouraged everyone to take the time to rest, explore their interests more, and allow themselves to try something new.

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“Nothing funny! The kids need to be made to pay for the trolley if they destroy it on purpose!” — Singaporeans react to video of youth crashing supermarket trolley


Image: FB screengrab / Singapore Incidents

SINGAPORE: In response to a recent video circulating social media featuring a young individual seen running around with a supermarket trolley, many called out the behaviour, labelling it as reckless.

An online user took to social media on Monday (Aug 7) to share a video with the Singapore Incidents Facebook page featuring the rather boisterous behaviour of young individuals outside a supermarket.

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‘It hurts me if this is happening to my elderly’ — Netizen sad to see uncle sitting alone in wheelchair while maid plays with her phone



SINGAPORE: A newcomer to Singapore said she was shocked upon seeing an elderly man left alone in a wheelchair while a helper sat nearby, appearing to surf on her phone.

Facebook user Ho Wei Sheng wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on Wednesday (Aug 9) that she had seen the man at 421 Hougang.

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