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“I am not fighting PAP or WP. I am fighting for Singaporeans’ better future” – Veteran opposition politician




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In his New Year’s Eve message, prominent opposition politician Goh Meng has asserted that he is not fighting the opposition cause to fight the ruling People’s Action Party () or the Worker’s Party () and clarified that he is fighting for a better future for Singaporeans.

In a post on Facebook this evening, the secretary-general of the People’s Power Party wrote: “Some people question me what am I fighting? Am I fighting PAP? Am I fighting WP? Am I fighting as an opposition? All these miss the point totally.

“I am fighting Singaporeans’ heads, Singaporeans’ unwholesome perception, Singaporeans’ hidden indoctrination, Singaporeans’ bias, political apathy, political unconsciousness, political ignorance and immaturity… And most important of all, fighting for Singaporeans’ better future.”

Goh added that the “main enemies or opponents aren’t PAP or anyone else but the tainted mindsets of Singaporeans.”

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Asserting that he is fighting against the indoctrinated mindsets of those who are politically apathetic, Goh continued: “How many Singaporeans know exactly what Democracy is or care about the importance of Democratic development for Singapore? Very very few. This is because they don’t teach our children about Democracy and its values in schools. They only teach the ‘greatness of PAP’.

“Such skewed indoctrination is the battle we are fighting. People no longer ask what is right and what is wrong because it is just too difficult for them to use their brain to judge. They only ask which side do you stand. PAP or Opposition?

“Once you have chosen the side, you are forcely indoctrinated to only sing praises and keep both eyes closed for any sinful deeds done by your side. That’s the worse kind of mindset I am fighting everyday.”

Having been in local politics for over a decade, Goh rose to prominence when he contested in the 2006 general election with WP in the Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (Aljunied GRC) as one of 5 team members.

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The team garnered 43.9% of the district votes, finished as one of the top three non-ruling party district performers and was eligible for a Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) position which was taken up by team-leader .

Goh left the WP in 2006 after the election due to “some Internet postings which had tarnished the WP’s reputation” despite being a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and a member of the “A team” of the Workers’ Party. He joined the National Solidarity Party (NSP) and became its Secretary-General.

Goh contested in the 2011 general election in the five-man Tampines Group Representation Constituency as team leader against the incumbent Mah Bow Tan (then-Minister for National Development), receiving 42.78% of the votes.

Goh stepped down from his post as Secretary-General of NSP after the 2011 election in June 2011 “for a breather and to take stock of his future”. He also gave up his seat in the Central Executive Committee of NSP. He went on to help Presidential hopeful Tan Kin Lian in his bid for presidency in 2011 before setting up the PPP in 2015.

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