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New year, same scams: pedestrian jumps onto a moving vehicle along Woodlands Ring Road




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Singapore – On December 27, Thursday, Ms. Ang experienced an accident scam along Woodlands Ring Road at around 2:50 pm. Luckily, she had a clear camera installed in her vehicle and she was able to capture every moment of the scary experience.

She submitted the footage to ROADS.sg and they posted the story in their Facebook page.


The recording shows Ms. Ang going about her day along of Woodlands Ring Road which was quiet at that time. After she makes her turn, a man could be seen coming from her left side who was walking towards her. He had no intention of crossing the street and was walking outside the pavement beside him.  When Ms. Ang was within reach, the man ran to meet the car and jumps, hurling himself on the vehicle’s windshield. He falls and stays there.

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After a few moments, there were three passers-by who stopped and checked on the fallen pedestrian.

According to Ms. Ang, the minute she started calling the police, the man was miraculously healed and fled the scene. She also wishes “to alert other fellow drivers who might meet similar scammers even in Singapore.” Accidents scams are real and operating in the presumed safe streets of Singapore.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

It was only last year in June when another motorist experienced the same thing. A drunk man was caught on camera sprinting towards a car along Pasir Ris Farmway 2. The driver has stopped way before any contact was made with the man but he still “managed to get hurt” and started demanding compensation for his injuries. He was asking for S$300. Once the driver pointed to his dashcam, the drunk man cut his operations short and was eventually arrested for committing a rash act. Caught on cam here:

Fortunately, these instances were caught on tape because netizen Kok Weng Pang makes a valid point in commenting about accomplices and witnesses that these scammers might have which would make the whole experience even more aggravating.

Grace Kweh feels the adrenaline rush that Ms. Ang felt and could not imagine someone suddenly popping up beside her car.

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