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Gerald Giam asked if WP has abandoned its ‘core base’

Mr Giam said that was not the case at all, in fact he confirmed that they “continue to be a party which strives to represent working Singaporeans (including those working at home with no pay) and the less advantaged members of society”




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Singapore – Workers’ Party (WP) Member of Parliament (MP) was asked during a virtual interview if his party has abandoned its ‘core base.’ He confirmed that they continue to represent the less advantaged members of society and ensure they receive enough support to survive in the country.

Mr Giam, who is the WP MP-elect for for Bedok Reservoir–Punggol, had his first interview with National University of Singapore Assistant Professor Walid Jumblatt Abdullah on July 29. Their 49-minute discussion covered topics such as “what WP did right and wrong during the GE 2020 campaign; WP’s stances on the NCMP and GRC; whether the party had ‘moved left’ and had abandoned its core bases,” said Mr Abdullah in a Facebook post on Sunday (August 2).

We continue to be a party which strives to represent working Singaporeans

Mr Abdullah presented a question brought up by individuals who said that the WP had bent away from the party’s core base, which is the working class. This was most evident when the party did not send a candidate to the Chinese debate and on a separate note, has been fielding “woke” candidates such as Raeesah Khan, said Mr Abdullah.

“I don’t think that’s happening,” replied Mr Giam. “We are still very much a party that is focused on bread and butter issue, ensuring that we are looking after the lower-income, and ensuring that those who are less advantaged in our society are given the support that they need to level up with the rest of society.”

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In a Facebook post uploaded on Sunday, Mr Giam confirmed that they “continue to be a party which strives to represent working Singaporeans (including those working at home with no pay) and the less advantaged members of society.” This comes through with almost everything that we do, from our to what we say in Parliament and our grassroots initiatives, he added.

He provided a few examples such as the proposal for a minimum wage, which they have been pushing for the past two elections. “In Parliament, our MPs have called for improving retirement adequacy for homemakers and caregivers,” he noted. “These groups will continue to be our focus moving forward.”

On a lighter note, Mr Abdullah asked why the team looked “so stoic” or sombre on the night of Polling Day when results were announced. Having won the newly-formed Sengkang GRC and keeping and Hougang SMC, Mr Abdullah wondered why they didn’t look too happy. “We were happy, but at the same time we were very aware of the gargantuan task ahead of us,” said Mr Giam. “We know that the expectations of the people would be very high; we know the rate of responsibility is very heavy. We were very much aware of the many minefields that could possibly be ahead of us. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.”
The minefields he mentioned included town council management as well as the controversies or small issues that don’t get publicised by media. “There are many things that would be smooth for the Government MPs but would be difficult for the opposition MPs,” said Mr Giam.

Watch the full interview here.

During a recent interview with Asst Prof Walid J. Abdullah, I was asked if the The Workers' Party has…

Posted by Gerald Giam 严燕松 on Saturday, 1 August 2020

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