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Gamer advises single Singaporean women not to be picky to find a life partner




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Her World reported in July 2015 that more singles in Singapore are looking for love but can’t find partners. It said:

“…Singapore’s swelling ranks of “singles” – a term used by statistics gatherers to define someone who has never married – who are aged 35 and older.
In 2004, there were 844,100 Singapore residents who were singles, compared to 1,048,100 last year – a jump of almost 25 per cent over 10 years, figures from the Department of Statistics show.
The number of singles also rose across all ages surveyed, but the sharpest spike was in the 50s age group. The number rose from 43,100 to 75,600 between 2004 and 2014 – or a jump of 75 per cent.
In a sense, these numbers are not surprising as marriages worldwide are following the same trend: people are getting married later – or not at all.”

Kiara Kitty, a Hong Kong born Singaporean gamer, has suggested that women who are single have to take a hard look at their preferences for partners.

Writing in her Facebook she said: “In Singapore, women always complain they can’t find their ‘prince charming’ who must be rich and good-looking, etc. But yet they say that in this generation women should not do housework, cook or help out etc.”

“So is that what a perfect marriage is to them?” she asked.

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She thinks that such expectations may be unrealistic and may not lead to true happiness.

Reminding single women that nothing is free in this world, she advised them: “You have to ask yourself back “what you got to offer” to that man. Looks and body will eventually fade in time so you must help him in other ways… be an asset instead of a liability.”

She said that women should not ask for a completely carefree life and that they would have to give and take.

“Cooking a meal for a man is a sign of appreciation and love. I hope they will understand that eventually,” she said.

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