International Business & Economy FlyScoot's 'witty' reply to complaint about bad inflight food fails miserably

FlyScoot’s ‘witty’ reply to complaint about bad inflight food fails miserably




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Flyscoot’s ‘witty’ reply to a flyer of the airlines has drawn the criticisms of several netizens. The flyer, a woman, shared a picture of how the food looked in FlyScoot’s inflight menu and how the food served actually looked to lodge the complaint.

In responding to her complaint, FlyScoot wrote: “Hi Candy, we’re sorry that our food in person looks nothing like it did in picture. You know what they say…. #Selfies always look better. P.S. McDonald’s burger doesn’t fly 40,000ft in air. Cheers.”

This response drew the ire of netizens, who were appalled to read such an unprofessional reply from the airlines.

One netizen wrote: “Truely Shocking reply from Scoot….puzzled this kind of reply is acceptable to some of you guys ? Budget airlines does not equate budget customer service.”

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The flyer who lodged the complain also responded: “Are you trying to crack a joke but apparently it not funny. Is this your way of replying to your customer? What a ‘Budget’ way of answering…”

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