The following is a non-verbatim translation of Olympian Feng Tianwei’s Facebook post.

Hi everyone

I am thankful for the concern everyone has shown me. I am sorry if I caused any of you to worry.

Whatever happened this week happened so suddenly that even I needed time to adjust – which is why I have stayed silent for the past few days and have not responded to the many allegations. Thanks for patiently waiting for my response.

It has been 10 years since I started representing Singapore in table tennis in the year 2007. I have made several achievements during this time. I became a world champion. I won a few Olympic medals. I have fulfilled a childhood dream of mine by standing on the world’s largest award podium.

I made Singapore’s flag to fly high in the international sporting arena and made the national anthem be heard around the world. I I would not have been able to make all these achievements without the help of the Singapore government, sports committee members, Olympic committee, the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA), and strong support from many quarters. I wish to express my sincerest appreciation to everyone.

I also want to thank my fans and everyone else who have supported me. Because you have been with me in this tough journey, you have motivated me to press on and not feel like I am all alone.

The Singapore government by giving me citizenship, has given me many opportunities to represent the country and compete internationally. I have always wanted a career in table tennis and have fought hard for it, so I will not give it up easily.  I will continue to play, to represent Singapore and fight in the international stage. I hope I can contribute to the improvement of Singapore’s table tennis. This will only prove that the Singapore government’s support for local sports will have guaranteed return on investments.

I will continue to live in Singapore even though I am not in the national team. I am still a Sports Excellence Scholar and am in negotiations with several organisations about competing in the sport. STTA has also said that it would support me if I compete internationally. I will continue to push forward and not give up. I want to continue to represent Singapore by competing.

I regret not being able to bring back any medals from the recent Olympic games. I only recognised that I have a lot of room for improvements through this experience. My plans are to put together a team, hire different professional coaches and return to the competitive field in a renewed way. I hope this will give me more opportunities for me to grow as a player. By training and competing harder, I want to improve myself by playing against and sharing experiences with the world’s best players.

I hope to have the opportunities to participate in international competitions in an open and fair manner. I wish to bring back more Olympic medals for Singapore and to get the fourth Olympic medal of my sporting career.

Some newspapers have character assassinated me in the past few days and attacked me personally. This is all very ugly and I am shocked that such rumours have surfaced. In the period that I was contracted to STTA, I have never cheated anyone of money or acted in a manner which is unlawful. I have consulted a lawyer on such false claims. I hope that there will not be any more of such false reports.

Finally, thanks to everyone and especially my friends in the media for your support and for respecting my privacy. I am a Singapore citizen. It is my honour to bring more strength and glory to Singapore. Please continue your support of me!

I would like to contribute and continue to represent Singapore. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for your support. Thank you everyone!

Feng Tianwei








最后,感谢大家和媒体朋友们给予我的空间和支持,我是新加坡的公民,能继续为新加坡的荣誉贡献力量是我的荣耀,请继续支持我,为我加油!I would like to contribute and continue to represent Singapore. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for your support.


Feng Tianwei