By: 永久浪客/Forever Vagabond

Earlier, a news report from TODAY (‘Feng Tianwei axed for ill-discipline, disrespect and misconduct‘) revealed that STTA decided to axe its star player Feng Tianwei after a series of incidents over the years.

“Disputes over prize money, false claims, and disrespect of authority were some of the issues that led to three-time Olympic medallist Feng Tianwei being axed from the national table tennis team,” TODAY reported.

In regard to false claims, TODAY also reported that Feng had submitted handwritten receipts for the purpose of getting reimbursement for her food purchases.

“These included the purchase of 200 eggs for breakfast over nine days, and 10 tins of milk over three days. Feng was eventually issued a warning by the STTA, and the cash was returned to the association,” TODAY said.

No false claims

However, ST reported today (‘Table tennis: Feng Tianwei did not make false monetary claims, says STTA‘) that both STTA and Feng refuted the allegation of false claims.

STTA said Feng did not make any false monetary claims while under its fold but admitted that Feng was cautioned.

STTA said, “Regarding the recent media reports, Feng Tianwei was cautioned about the proper claiming procedure, but she did not falsify nor claim more than what she was permitted.”

Feng also told ST, “I never made any claim for more than what I’m entitled to, nor cheated the association of money, or did anything unlawful.”

But she did not elaborate on why she was being cautioned.

Separately, it was reported that STTA Deputy President David Sim had chastised Feng on his Facebook page while responding to comments from netizens. He called out Feng for her “ill-discipline, disrespect n misconduct (sic)” and said that she was “a disgrace to the nation”.

Mr Sim also implied that the STTA had leaked news of Feng’s alleged transgressions to the media.

But STTA distanced itself from Mr Sim’s comments by telling ST that he does not speak on behalf of the association. STTA responded, “The recent Facebook comments made by Mr David Sim, Deputy President of STTA, are his personal views and he is not speaking on behalf of STTA.”

“Once again, we wish Feng Tianwei all the very best for the future,” STTA added.

Feng wants to setup new table tennis team

Yesterday, Feng also told ST that she is now exploring a new arrangement, where she would build a new team around her for competitions.

“Although I am no longer in the national team, I will stay in the country. I am still a Sports Excellence Scholar, and I am in discussions with the relevant parties regarding the support I can get,” she said.

She reiterated her intention to continue representing Singapore and to compete at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. She has called for a fair and transparent selection process.

“I hope that there is a fair selection process for competitions, and I certainly hope to play at the Tokyo Olympics,” she said.

With regard to the allegations of false claims, she said she has consulted lawyers

“Some reports have made assassinations on my character and impacted my reputation negatively. I am shocked by these allegations. Throughout my time at the STTA, I have never committed fraud or done anything illegal. I have consulted lawyers on these reports,” she said.