Entertainment Celebrity Elva Hsiao accused of drug use by fans

Elva Hsiao accused of drug use by fans

The rumour arose from her hand shaking uncontrollably while holding her soup spoon




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Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao is once again a victim of gossip. It appears that netizens are not interested in giving her a break anytime soon. The 41-year- is currently appearing in Chinese reality dating show Meeting Mr. Right with her 25-year-old boyfriend Justin Huang and the couple have been entertaining viewers with their loving interactions and heart-fluttering stories about their relationship.

Unfortunately, there has been speculation about drug use thanks to an innocent shot of Elva drinking soup. It is quite shocking how a seemingly innocuous and everyday act can be misconstrued so maliciously. This is what happened. Elva and Justin were having a meal together and chatting. The camera zoomed in on her drinking her soup when viewers noted that the hand she used to hold her spoon was shaking uncontrollably.

jump onto the gossip bandwagon, saying that the singer looked “tired”, “haggard” and “listless”. This led to a number of particularly mean and overdramatic netizens to make totally uncalled for allegations of with comments like “My first thought is that she’s on drugs”, “You can tell she’s on drugs just by looking”, and “I don’t believe she doesn’t do drugs, Kai Ko used to be her boyfriend”. Another group showed concern for Elva’s mental health, suspecting that she may be going through a depression relapse.

Elva Hsiao has been accused of taking drugs. Picture:

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Unfortunately for the celebrity, it is not the first time she has been scrutinised for rather questionable behaviour. It is also not the first time she has been accused of being on drugs. The good thing is that there are those who defended the singer regarding the spoon-shaking incident with one fan saying that the trembling could be due to the effects of anxiety medication, not hard drugs.

Perhaps those who left such nasty comments should think ‘cos Elva recently won her lawsuit against netizens who spread about her having AIDS, which is a very expensive lesson that all haters should learn from.Follow on

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