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E-bike rider beats up man, while shouting “This is your grandfather’s road, ah?”

Victim suffers from damaged optic nerves to his right eye and ribcage fractures




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Singapore — A couple were walking home along a service road last Saturday (Feb 1) when the rider of a power-assisted bicycle () went past them, stopped and began raining blows on the man.

As he was being pummelled, the man, a 55-year-old technician, heard the rider say: “This is your grandfather’s road, ah?”, according to zaobao.com.sg. It identified the victim as Mr Lu Chuanjie

The rider, who was accompanied by a young boy, was apparently angry that the couple had blocked his way.

According to the victim, the rider had almost hit another pedestrian before he stopped to assault him.

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While some people intervened, the victim’s wife called the police, causing the rider to flee without his child.

The news website quoted the electrician as saying: “My wife was only able to hold the boy back, who kept begging us to spare his father. At that point, my face was completely covered in blood. Seeing my situation, my wife could only let (the rider) escape.

“When he returned for his son, however, he tried to trip my wife.”

The electrician sustained serious injuries from the assault, including damaged optic nerves to his right eye which left him with only 30 per cent vision, as well as a number of ribcage fractures. He was in hospital for two days and granted a week of medical leave.

While his medical bills have exceeded S$1,000, he says he is fortunate that he did not sustain any brain bleed from the assault.

According to AsiaOne, the police said a report was made of along the service road of Block 709, Woodlands Drive 70, last Saturday (Feb 1), and that “a 55-year-old man was conveyed conscious to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital”.

According to the Land Transport Authority’s Rules of Conduct, “our paths and roads are shared spaces. We should consider the safety of our fellow travellers, no matter whether we drive, walk, cycle or ride active mobility devices”.

The ’s vision for a car-lite nation is not only about providing the amenities to support walking, cycling and riding, but also building a culture of courtesy and respect for fellow commuters.”

Singapore’s  Active Mobility Act (AMA), which was enforced in May 2018, provides “a set of rules and code of conduct to enable safer sharing of public paths among various users”.

Individuals who you fail to adhere to the rules may face prosecutorial action by the . PABs fall under the AMA. /TISG

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