SINGAPORE: If you still have unused Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers issued this year, you can now donate them to charity. This initiative kicks off on Friday (Dec 1) and goes through to Jan 31, 2024, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Edwin Tong said earlier this week.

This year, each household was eligible to receive CDC Vouchers worth S$300 that must be used by Dec 31, 2023. The Vouchers were distributed as part of enhanced support from the government under the Assurance Package to help households with the impact of additional Goods & Services Tax (GST), which went from seven to eight per cent on Jan 1, 2023, as well as the S$1.5 billion Support Package, announced in October 2022.

The vouchers may be used at participating supermarkets, hawkers, and heartland merchants when families buy goods and services from them. The CDC Vouchers were made available on Jan 3 of this year and were allocated equally at S$150 each for participating heartland merchants and hawkers or at participating supermarkets. Next year, households will receive S$500 in vouchers.

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And while it’s been around 11 months since they’ve been made available, households who have yet to claim their vouchers may still do so since the deadline for claiming is Dec 31.

Now, if a household wants to donate the vouchers, they may. Mr Tong announced this at a CDC function at the People’s Association (PA) headquarters on Nov 27. The households with vouchers to donate may choose the charitable institution where they wish their donation to go. The list of participating charities may be found here. To donate the vouchers, a member of the household needs to log in via Singpass at the CDC voucher site.

“The CDC vouchers would be donated to the charity in cash value instead of vouchers. Tax deduction may be provided by respective Charity, depending on the respective Charity’s policy on issuance of tax deduction, which will be reflected in the Year of Assessment 2025,” the CDC website reads.

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Mr Tong talked about how the donation scheme came about, saying, “We were very proud to see that many people came forward approached CDC and PA about what to do with their vouchers. We decided that PA and CDC will organise it and come up with a scheme – the CDC Vouchers Donation Scheme.”

Last year, nearly 10,000 households chose to donate almost S$1.2 million dollars in CDC vouchers, which then went to 270 charities, which Mr Tong called “a tremendously positive reinforcing cycle.”

The CDC has said that around 99 per cent of households had already claimed their vouchers as of early November, and among them, 88 per cent had spent them.

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