Selena Gomez wants to help people through impactful charity work, adding on to what is she is already doing.

She is the youngest ever UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and she also makes surprise visits to children’s hospitals.

She wants to do more than just acting and singing.

“Selena is eager to pursue different interests besides her career in film, TV and music. She will never leave that aspect of her life, but she is looking for other things to motivate her. A gritty role or an amazing song will always grab her heart, but she wants to pursue more charity and become a woman like Angelina Jolie or Oprah where her voice means something and makes a constant impact,” an insider told

“She doesn’t think it will turn into something where she would join the political world, but she would love to help in that world and help people less fortunate since she knows she has an amazing platform already with people her age and young kids. But she wants to touch all people, young and old. She feels it will make everything she does in entertainment worth it by doing more to help people,” the source added.

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“She is constantly working on music and is often in the studio recording tracks, [although] an album is not imminent. That is a constant thing she does because it’s an easy process for her that she can get studio time anytime she wants it. She also is looking to do something on Songland if it gets renewed,” said the insider, referring to the NBC talent show for undiscovered songwriters to pitch their tunes to music superstars.

Selena celebrated her 27th birthday on 22 Jul with friends in Rome, Italy.

The star is enjoying her life and her friends these days, thankful for all the love and support she has.

“Selena is in such a great place right now and refuses to live her life by anyone else’s standards, whether that be family, friends, or her fans.

“She is taking every moment as it comes and isn’t feeling pressured whatsoever to move forward in any specific direction in regards to her personal life, or her music. Selena has been working on music because she wants to. It’s very therapeutic for her and it’s her greatest passion. She isn’t focused on dating right now and has the most fun in the studio and simply hanging with her closest friends,” said another source. -/TISG

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