Singapore — A bride’s best friend took to social media to warn others after the couple’s wedding cake turned out to be far from what they imagined.

One Dee Rahman, a bridesmaid, posted their story on Complaint Singapore‘s Facebook page on Sunday (Sept 5), highlighting the importance of doing due diligence when booking services online.

Ms Rahman said that her best friend, the bride, ordered a S$300 cookie cake for her special day.

The following photo is what they expected, with confirmation from the baker.

Photo: FB screengrab/Dee Rahman

“We don’t expect it to be replicated to the exact same but what we received was a nightmare,” said Ms Rahman.

The cake they received was quite far from the advertised photo.

Photo: FB screengrab/Dee Rahman
Photo: FB screengrab/Dee Rahman

Ms Rahman added that the cake assembly was also late, which resulted in an issue with the flow of the event.

After expressing her disappointment at the seller, the latter said they would remove the cake and receive a full refund.

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However, the personnel in touch with the seller left the venue and became unreachable.

“It wasn’t even a minute, and they were gone. We tried calling the number they gave us, claiming that they will be responsive on the day of the wedding, but we couldn’t get through the line at all.”

They eventually received a refund of S$70.

“This baker is reputable with a following of 14,100,” added Ms Rahman.

She said that the bride inquired with a few other bakers and asked if they were capable of delivering her request.

We enquired if they could make a cookie cake, and they assured us that it could be done, said Ms Rahman.

“Their Instagram had a lot of positive reviews, great product shots, a high number of followers and promising good results.”

However, members from the online community informed Ms Rahman that the unlinked Facebook page had negative reviews.

“14.2k followers on their social media, but look at the amount of likes. Less than 50 likes on average. It’s pretty obvious they bought their followers. I wouldn’t trust a bakery with no integrity!” commented Facebook user Veneta Tan.

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“With that being said, the cake is really terrible and the way they (mis)handled the situation’s even worst! I’m so sorry this happened to your best friend on her big day!”

Ms Rahman added, “To everyone, before engaging in any bakers for your special event, do not repeat our mistakes. Google them, search them up on Facebook, ask around!” /TISG

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ByHana O