Singapore — A “hantu neighbour” was recently spotted harassing a Housing & Development Board (HDB) resident by shaking their door grill and walking away.

“When your neighbour is harassing. HDB, Town Council and police cannot do anything. I believe I’m not the only person that is facing this issue,” wrote one Vincent Ng on Facebook page Complaint Singapore on Saturday (Sept 11).

Mr Ng shared a video taken from the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera outside his home.

The video began with the neighbour approaching a nearby unit with a blanket over his head.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The neighbour then shook the outer door grill before walking away.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore
Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

The white and floral blanket over the neighbour’s head made it difficult for the CCTV to capture his identity.

Members from the online community quickly shared their “neighbours from hell” experiences, such as one who deals with joss paper smoke coming from their neighbour who would burn incense outside on their corridor.

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The original poster added in a comment that they have been dealing with the issue for over two years.

“He likes to create some noise during nighttime and complain to other neighbours that it is from our unit,” said Mr Ng.

“The people around here know about him. Nothing the police, HDB or Town Council can do. His direct neighbour sued him twice but only managed for mediation. Nothing more.”

Some also poked fun and wondered why the “ghost” was still around.

“I thought seventh month is over. Why this hantu still around? Haven’t gone back?” asked Facebook user Jerlyn Jeryln jokingly.

Another netizen advised the resident to call the ghostbusters to address the “hantu neighbour” issue.

Meanwhile, some netizens noted that the neighbour “was quite smart” to cover his face to do the prank yet hoped the authorities could look into the complaint.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to HDB for a statement. /TISG

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