Singapore – A concerned Housing & Development Board (HDB) resident has taken to social media to highlight a fire hazard due to a disturbing amount of burnt incense in their corridor.

One Yani Rzk posted a video on Facebook on Saturday (Sept 4), highlighting an alarming amount of burnt debris on their corridor.

“One time complain then don’t want to listen then now the whole thing burn already,” said Ms Yani in the video, noting a fire occurred presumably from the cardboard burning.

Photo: FB screengrab/Yani Rzk

“Auntie, you see this ah, you think ah not all Chinese pray nice nice also okay,” wrote Ms Yani.

“I diam diam even though I report first time, he does it over and over again outside his house on a cardboard.”

Based on one of the photos, the practice had been going on since 2019.

Photo: FB screengrab/Yani Rzk

Ms Yani added that it wasn’t wrong to do one’s prayers; however, doing so in the corridor poses a fire hazard.

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She noted that the neighbour was “able-bodied” and could go down to pray but refuses to do so.

“Now my house almost got burn. Lucky no one is injured, but my son keeps on saying, ‘basikal broken oh no.”

She attached a photo of her son’s tricycle with melted parts from the fire.

Photo: FB screengrab/Yani Rzk

According to Ms Yani, her neighbour would lie to the authorities when they inspected the area, saying he would only burn a small fire.

Ms Yani admitted she did not know what else to say as the man was not scared of the police who came down to warn him.

“He (the neighbour) still can laugh and all ah now outside my house,” she added.

Members from the online community were shocked at the amount of burnt debris caused by the activity.

Many tagged the authorities in their comments to highlight the issue.

“This is terrible HDB/town council or Ministry/SPF; whoever is in charge, please do something about this. We buy a home to spend a peaceful time after a hard day work. This is unacceptable,” said Facebook user Kalwant Kaur.

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“This is arson. I am a Singaporean Chinese, and my family does praying too but (not) at this level! This is totally crazy!” said Facebook user Cloudy Ong.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to the Singapore Civil Defence Force for a statement./TISG

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