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Chee Soon Juan calls out Lee Hsien Loong on empty promises made, following transport-fare hike




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After the announcement on October 30 where the Public Transport Council (PTC) said that this year’s fare increase was around 4.3 percent, Singaporeans expressed much indignation all round. Chief of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) took the opportunity to call out Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on a promise he made to the people of Singapore during the 2015 General Elections.

In a Facebook post earlier today, he said, “Mr Lee Hsien Loong boldly proclaimed during GE 2015: “The promise is: We will work with you to make Singapore better for you and your children.” “


Along with his Facebook post, Mr Chee shared a link to an article posted on SDP’s official website.

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The article detailed some of the increases in hikes and taxes and stated, “The other increases include water price by an astounding 30%, carpark fees by 27%, town council S&CC, ERP rates, electricity and gas tariffs, university fees, and kindergarten and childcare centre rates. Soon to follow will be the introduction of a sugar tax and carbon tax. Not satisfied, the PAP will increase the GST from the current 7% to 9%.”

It was also pointed out that the fare hikes and tax increases were “against the backdrop of the government collecting a $10-billion budget surplus in 2017”.

Singaporeans who commented on Mr Chee’s post were angry with all of the increases, with the growing consensus that Singapore should follow in Malaysia’s footsteps when it comes to the next elections.



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