Hong Kong ― After a year of hiatus, Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh Sze-man is making a comeback.

On Oct 12, TV series Trio In Chengdu announced its launch and Sheh’s return. The actress will be starring together with Chinese actress Song Yi, Chun Li and Juck Zhang. Sheh may not be the main protagonist of the show, but she appears to be more beloved to the fans.

The TV series revolves around three ladies with contrasting personalities struggling at their jobs. Sheh will be acting like an overbearing female president, which definitely appears to be difficult. They are persistent in life even though they all have problems.

Trio in Chengdu will be displaying Chengdu’s urban lifestyle and feature plenty of Chinese food.

Based on the cast list, Sheh’s name follows after Song Yi which has led to netizens concluding she is the second main protagonist. Ironically, in terms of popularity among netizens, Sheh ranks first, reported Hype.my.

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“The heroine (Song Yi) is not as well-known as her (Charmaine),” one netizen commented. Another said her status in the entertainment industry was impressive. “(Charmaine)’s popularity is (more) than (Song Yi’s),” they stated.

On the day of opening, fans took the initiative to send Sheh a customised cake. The actress appreciated the sentiment and the pleasant surprise. She posted selfies with the cake on Weibo.

“I like this cake very much,” she told Hong Kong media during an interview. “It is really (interesting).” Netizens also noted that her post on Weibo received more attention than Song Yi’s.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/charmaine_sheh

The former 1997 Miss Hong Kong is notably known for her roles in Maiden’s Vow and Line Walker. Her role in Story of Yanxi Palace which was streamed throughout Asia has also helped with her increased popularity.

We don’t know about you, but we are looking forward to watch Sheh’s performance in Trio In Chengdu. Besides that, we also look forward to see Song Yi and Chun Li’s performances as leading protagonists of the show. After all, it is about the “Trio In Chengdu”, and not about, the Solo In Chengdu, right? /TISG

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