SINGAPORE: A man whose girlfriend is just about to start her first full-time job asked Reddit users what essentials she should have, but judging from the list he provided, he appears to have the situation well under control.

He has already bought the following: Mini umbrella, Panadol, Sanitizer / Wet Wipes / Tissue, Collapsible Bottle, Plasters, Recycle Bag and Eyedrops. “Did I miss anything? Any lesser known essentials?” he asked.

“Gf is starting her first FT job soon, I’ve prepared a work tote to commemorate the milestone. But was thinking to pack a care package of ‘OL Essentials’ along with the bag” wrote u/cerealkiller0508 on r/ask Singapore on Friday (Sept 22).

He won points with a number of the commenters, with one writing, “This is so sweet!” and another adding, “Wow you are so sweet. Drop your photo in too.”

The biggest item women said were necessary are “Sanitary pads. Overnight big ones. Must have wings,” as one wrote.

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“Wish offices would stock this in the pantry for emergencies or in the toilet. That would be good,” a Reddit user chimed in.

“Most important item,” another agreed.

“You could also include safety pins, hair ties, bobby pins, lens cleaner if she wears glasses, lip balm, hand lotion and/or charger. These are things I carry in my bag that are not in your list; you can personalise for your girlfriend,” a woman wrote.

One added, “A make up pouch (or a compact mirror and small comb), Hair claw, and Mints.”

Another suggested a scarf or shawl for very cold office AC and a business card holder.

“If she brings home cook food then get those washable containers,” one pointed out.

“A mini bag for taking out to lunch is helpful. Won’t carry the big bulky tote or backpack and need a place to stuff the tissues, wallet, phone, staff pass and umbrella,” another wrote.

A forward-thinking Reddit user added an “Airtag for the work pass. It’s expensive to lose that.”

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“Might just be me being super clumsy but a stain pen is absolutely important. Really helps if you stain your clothes from lunch,” observed another.

One wrote, “Tissue packets to chope lunch table lol Individually packed biscuits/ small pack of nuts for hunger pangs Ruyi (?) Oil Wireless headphones for her commute.”

A Reddit user said the quiet part out loud when she added, “so many great ideas here already. just wanna say this is super sweet of you to think of doing.” /TISG

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