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Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor at Spirit AeroSystems, a Boeing supplier, and a whistleblower regarding 737 MAX manufacturing defects, passed away Tuesday from a sudden infection, as reported by the Seattle Times. 

Aged 45 and previously in good health, he fought the infection for two weeks in the hospital. Dean’s role included providing deposition in a shareholder lawsuit against Spirit and filing a complaint with the FAA concerning alleged misconduct. 

He was terminated by Spirit in April 2023, later filing a retaliation complaint. Dean’s case draws parallels with Boeing whistleblower John “Mitch” Barnett, who tragically died by suicide in March while pursuing legal action against Boeing.

Second Boeing whistleblower passes away 

However, social media users are eyeing Boeing as a suspicious figure in the mysterious deaths of these two whistleblowers. Some are even calling for the congress to step in and involve themselves with the matter. But with the liberal Democrats in power, many felt that nothing much will happen. 

In addition to this, X users state that this is not a coincidence at all, and nobody would actually believe that it is one. This is due to the fact that the deaths happened two months apart. Most feel that this is not as random as one might think. 

Following that, some are blaming the DEI agenda for all of the current issues the company is facing. But, these issues stemmed from well before these policies were implemented. Regardless, Boeing’s image is affected by the death of a second whistleblower so soon after the first. 

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