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SINGAPORE: A woman who said that she was complimented for her looks all her life felt that “Having good looks is a curse”.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page NUSWhispers, the woman said that despite the compliments throughout life, she did not see in the mirror what others saw. She added that she was bullied by other girls in both Primary and Secondary school. “When I reached the age when boys started to notice me, it got worse. I get prank calls from boys asking me to be their gf and their current gf would gang up with others to confront me and make my life hell. Once they even threw my school bag into the boys toilet, vandalized my desk, drew on my uniform. I was so afraid of going to school and couldn’t focus in class”, she added.

She said that it came to the point where she dreaded being approached by anyone, especially boys who wanted to get to know her. “When I thought those days were over, jc and uni aren’t better. I thought I made some friends only to overhear them telling others they just wanted to know what’s the fuss about me. Said I’m just some stupid flower pot plus other very mean and hurtful things about me. So basically they weren’t really my friends. I started to keep to myself even more”, she said.

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When the woman finally did enter the workforce, she said that she unknowingly dated a married man for a few months. She ended the relationship when she found out but she added that because the guy did not wear a wedding ring, she assumed he was single.

“All that talk about looks. Sometimes it’s a curse for some people you know? You wonder if the person is really interested in getting to know you or is just desire or lust. I had a crush a guy recently and I think he noticed, he told me he finds me intimidating to be with. What does that even mean? How much of myself should I change to have a guy who is willing to look past my physical appearance and treat me like a normal person? I also want an authentic love with an authentic guy”, the woman wrote, adding that she was heartbroken. /TISG