SINGAPORE: Many netizens agreed with a parent who wrote on Reddit that he feels that children in Singapore are working too hard and under too much pressure while young.

“As a parent of three boys, 14, 12 and 8, i really feel for Singaporean kids nowadays. Not because of the Singapore education system, but because of the beliefs and behavior of many parents towards sending their kids for tuition/enrichment classes,” wrote u/Greg_Lim on r/Singapore on Tuesday (Aug 22).

He wrote that many children still have to attend tuition after a long day at school. And while he sends his sons for additional lessons in Chinese, their weakest subject, he hears of other children who have to attend tuition classes several times a week.

“Sometimes, i can’t help feeling that their children are living under stress and sad conditions, whom will later grow up to be resentful youths/young adults.”

While the educational system may be somewhat to blame, he acknowledged, he added that it is up to the parents to decide the atmosphere for their children, writing, “Other people can be kiasu, you don’t have to follow.”

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“I would plea for parents to prioritze your child’s happy memories of childhood. Anyway, just my ranting and seeking if there are any who agree with me. Let’s not bring in the hustle and rat race earlier than it already is,” the Reddit user added.

The post struck a nerve with many, and it has received over 360 comments since it was posted.

Many agreed with his points.

One wrote that they had experienced this and called it “honestly good preparation for working life in SG,” but added, “Would not recommend and I won’t have a kid unless I can give them a good life with time to do things they like with people they care about too.”

“Classic prisoner’s dilemma which will exist for as long as this country retains its obsession with grades,” observed another commenter.

“I think the important thing, like what other redditors have mentioned, is that the child must be accepting (i.e. personally want/need) of the enrichment activities. Otherwise their childhood will feel miserable and mental health issues like depression will start developing,” another added.

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One chimed in, “I’ll always say that it’s the parents that set this culture.”

“Its really on the parents for this,” another wrote.

“I know parents want the best for their kids, and being in the Express is the fastest way to success with lesser variables for failure. But I can’t help but wonder what the cost is for forcing your kid into a ‘success’ mold that they cannot fit into,” commented a Reddit user who had worked in tuition for five years.


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