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A recent win for the left is that global leaders are agreeing with each other in order to halt the fossil fuel industry in lieu of climate change. However, those who are right wingers feel that climate change is something that the government wants to use in order to control the masses. There are a wide array of different opinions regarding this matter. 

According to USA Today, at the United Nations climate change meeting, global leaders agree to shift from fossil fuels. The historic decision signals radical changes in transportation, energy generation, and vehicle operations. 

While celebrated, the plan falls short of demanding a full “phaseout” of oil, coal, and gas. COP28, concluded on Tuesday, signifies a crucial juncture in addressing climate change, aiming to limit temperature rise. 

The global agreement stresses adherence to a 2.7-degree goal but steers clear of a total fossil fuel eradication. Scientists deem this transition vital; surpassing the 2.7-degree threshold could lead to catastrophic environmental impacts, highlighting the urgent need for immediate action.

X users reacting to global leaders and their stance towards climate change and fossil fuel 

Conservatives feel that the governments are using “climate change” as an excuse for halting a number of things. Furthermore, another study claims that even breathing is damaging to the environment. Many feel that as carbon life forms, we have the tendency to do some pollution, as with anything else on earth.  


However, for the left-wingers, they state that the oil and gas industry has been a big problem towards our environment. There are over 18 states in America which banned even peaceful protests against said industry. Apparently, four more states are implementing a similar but less harsh law. 

Some conservatives state that these protests are causing more problems than solving them. One of them states that it costs some of these companies millions of dollars to clean up their messes. 

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