Ian Ziering, known for “Beverly Hills, 90210,” was involved in a confrontation with a Los Angeles biker group on Hollywood Blvd. Ian Ziering was attacked by a group of bikers causing chaos in Los Angeles—an alarming incident captured on camera, marking a terrible way to end his year. The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actor was targeted by multiple attackers on Sunday as they rode through Hollywood Blvd. on small motorized bikes, maneuvering through traffic, potentially colliding with Ziering’s vehicle.

Photo: Instagram/Ian Ziering

A video from TMZ showed several riders surrounding Ziering’s car. When he stepped out, Ziering swung at a biker whose motorbike was blocking his vehicle. It’s uncertain what triggered the punch or if the bikes had hit Ziering’s car beforehand. A source suggested his vehicle might have been struck before the altercation.

Punched unidentified biker

Ziering’s punch knocked the unidentified biker, wearing a helmet, to the ground. More bikers joined in, throwing punches at the “Sharknado” actor. Ziering fled across the street while the helmeted individuals pursued, one clinging to him and another attempting to trip him unsuccessfully. Despite bystanders filming, no one intervened.

Navigating between cars on the sidewalk, Ziering faced the helmeted biker again, attempting to break free. Two other bikers, including a woman, joined the scuffle before Ziering managed to escape onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Eventually, he returned to his vehicle and left the scene. Police weren’t called, and Ziering’s representatives didn’t respond to inquiries. He hasn’t addressed the incident on social media.

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