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5-year-old boy trapped for 12 hours in buried car in tsunami-stricken Indonesia escapes alive




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A five-year-old boy is among the survivors after a devastating tsunami struck the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra on Saturday night, killing, injuring and displacing hundreds.

The tsunami, that was reportedly caused by undersea landslides after the Krakatoa volcano erupted, triggered a magnitude 5.0 earthquake that further shook the region. Local villagers say that they were not alerted to the tsunami before it struck.

Hundreds were affected in the tsunami and ensuing earthquake that are the latest natural disasters in Indonesia this past year alone that have caused severe property damage, and the deaths of thousands.

A little boy, however, escaped the disaster with his life intact even after he was trapped in a car buried under rubble for a shocking twelve hours.

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The five-year-old child named Ali was rescued after people heard his cries coming from beneath the rubble. The police quickly worked to remove the wood and other debris from the car that had become pinned under trees that fell during the tsunami.

The boy is extricated from the wreckage and can be seen in photographs from the scene crying, as he clings tightly to the officer who pulled him free. It remains unclear whether anyone other than Ali was in the car with him and whether anyone else made it out alive.

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