Are you new to K-dramas or not sure what to watch? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of K-dramas to check out on Netflix—from romance and adventure to scary stuff and comedy, there is something for everyone…

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Experience the enchanting series ‘Exceptional Lawyer Woo,’ narrating the journey of Woo Young-woo, a brilliant young attorney with autism, as she faces the complexities of both the legal realm and her daily life, creating a heartwarming tale.

Despite her remarkable IQ and photographic memory, her social interactions and sensory overload present challenges for her due to autism. Supported by a mentor and understanding colleagues, she takes on diverse legal cases, applying her distinctive perspective and steadfast determination.

Woo Young-woo, portrayed by the skilled Park Eun-bin, achieved the highest honours at Seoul National University Law School.

The Glory

Moon Dong-eun, portrayed by Song Hye-kyo, once harboured aspirations of becoming an architect as a bright high school student. Unfortunately, her dreams are crushed by merciless bullying orchestrated by Park Yeon-jin and her clique.

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Compelled to leave school, Dong-eun dedicates years to meticulously plotting revenge against both her tormentors and those who remained indifferent. In a strategic move, she reemerges as a teacher at the elementary school attended by Yeon-jin’s child, prepared to execute her intricate plan of retribution.


Central to the narrative is Seo A-ri, portrayed by Park Gyu-young, an aspiring social media influencer navigating the precarious realm of online stardom.

Employing daring tactics and well-thought-out strategies, she quickly rises to widespread acclaim, accumulating millions of followers and lucrative sponsorships. However, beneath the glitzy exterior lies a complex network of jealousy, manipulation, and perilous secrets.

King The Land

Gu Won, portrayed by the ever-charming Lee Junho, is the heir to the King Group, a prestigious hotel conglomerate.

Amidst a contentious battle for inheritance, he seeks solace in the King the Land, an exclusive VIP lounge in the group’s flagship hotel. In this haven, he crosses paths with Cheon Sa-rang, brought to life by the radiant Im Yoon-ah, a cheerful hotel employee recognized for her contagious smile.

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Castaway Diva

“Castaway Diva” is a touching South Korean drama that captivated audiences in 2023. The narrative follows Seo Mok-ha, a young aspiring singer with grand dreams, who finds herself marooned on a deserted island for a period of 15 years.

Mok-ha, portrayed by the talented Park Eun-bin, exudes radiant positivity and unwavering optimism. En route to Seoul for a singing competition, her journey takes a dramatic turn when her boat gets ensnared in a storm, leaving her stranded on a picturesque yet secluded island.