Pinkvilla reports that IU has made a poignant return with a touching new music video featuring BTS’ V. The highly anticipated video for her latest single, “Love Wins All,” was revealed at midnight KST on Jan 24.

Spanning over five minutes, IU and V showcase captivating onscreen chemistry, engaging in small dates, a wedding, a photoshoot, and a singing event. However, the story takes a heart-wrenching turn as symbolic white cubes seemingly mark the end of their love, transforming it into a tragic tale.

Helmed by director Um Tae Hwa, renowned for his work on “Concrete Utopia,” the “Love Wins All” music video tells a moving tale of a couple navigating a post-apocalyptic future.

Seeking refuge from ominous white cubes

Amidst perilous paths in a jungle, IU and V, adorned with scars and dressed in worn-out attire, seek refuge from the ominous white cubes. Amid chaos, IU signals for V to follow, leading them to an abandoned building where they discover discarded garments.

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Among the remnants, V finds a camera revealing a surreal reality where they witness each other in an unscathed state before the cubes bring destruction.

Seated at a table, IU and V share moments of joy, meals, laughter, and wine with others dressed in somber black attire. The plot takes them to a room where they don shabby wedding attire.

Before a camera, IU and V immortalize moments, engaging in playful interactions. However, the idyllic scene shifts abruptly with the return of the ominous cubes, prompting the couple to flee.

Efforts prove futile

In a desperate attempt to escape, IU and V confront the disintegrating cubes across the city skyline, but their efforts prove futile. In a heartbreaking turn, both succumb to the cubes, leaving only their clothes behind, forming a pile with others.