While gov’t continues supporting foreign students to study and work in SG, 47K have applied to become Uber or Grab drivers


In a Parliamentary reply early this month (1 Aug), Transport Minister Khaw revealed that LTA has received some 47,000 applications to become Uber or Grab drivers.

“LTA has received about 47,000 Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational License (PDVL) applications, and about 1,600 have been rejected. Applicants are rejected either because they have failed background checks, do not meet the driving experience requirement, or have poor driving records,” he said.

Starting last month (1 Jul), LTA requires that Uber and Grab drivers need to be licensed. It started accepting PDVL applications in March this year. In the 4 months, it has already received 47,000 applications.

More Singaporean PMETs becoming Uber or Grab drivers

Data revealed by MOM shows that more Singaporean PMETs are losing their jobs. In a report last year, MOM said that PMETs took longer to find a job after they were retrenched.

DBS economist Irvin Seah said the growing number of displaced PMETs could exacerbate the problem of under-employment if the new jobs they find do not match their qualifications. “Imagine bankers or production managers who are retrenched and become Uber drivers. We are not fulfilling the full potential of the labour force and this will become a problem,” he added.

On Transitioning.org, a website dedicated to cater to the emotional needs of unemployed Singaporeans, a reader complained that the gov’t isn’t interested in helping the locals at all.

“They only made things worse by letting in more and more foreigners (into Singapore),” he wrote. “We have given up looking for any jobs, it is wasting our time and the only jobs available are security guards and cleaners – even though we are graduates.”

The reader, a graduate, ended up driving Uber to make a living.

PAP Govt decides to subsidize tuition fees of foreign students and let them work in SG

There may be some truth with regard to the reader’s complaint that the govt is more interested in getting foreigners into Singapore, thereby competing with Singaporeans for jobs. Any population growth would automatically help to increase GDP growth as more consumption helps to fuel more economic activities.

Hence, it is not surprising that the govt welcomes more foreign students to study in Singapore, even giving them tuition grants and allowing them to stay in Singapore after their graduation to get jobs.

This policy can be seen on MOE website.


“For all non-Singaporean students, in exchange for the grant received under the Tuition Grant Scheme, they are required to apply for Tuition Grant and sign a Tuition Grant Agreement in which they will be contractually obliged to work in a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation.”

On NUS website, it even advises foreign students on how to go about applying for a Long Term Visit Pass upon graduation so as to give them time to search for jobs in Singapore:

“Working in Singapore after graduation

For international students hoping to work in Singapore after graduation, the latest updates on work visas and employment regulations can be downloaded from the Ministry of Manpower’s website.

Should you require a longer period of stay to look for jobs upon completion of your courses, you may apply for a one-year (non-renewable) long-term social visit pass at the ICA’s Social Visit Pass Unit. The latest updates are posted on the ICA’s website.”

Meanwhile, as more “cheaper” foreign graduates continue to flood the job market of Singapore, salaries continue to be repressed and local PMETs continue to be displaced. Expect to see more graduates driving Ubers and Grabs on the road from now on.

source: WWMGFTR


  1. They are doing it all wrong. Look at those develop countries. They welcome foreigners either on merit systems that will contribute to specific sectors of the industries that local cant fill. And not their their parents and old age into the country where the local And govt need to support and subsidies medical care for their old aged parents and grandparents. It’s a burden to locals already and the govt supporting foreigners New citizens’ parents who didn’t contribute productivity to the country. Filling position that locals can’t are construction workers ,cleaning service workers and similar lower end jobs. Middle to high end jobs should be for locals. Many mid to mid/high jobs are misplaced by foreigners from locals this stage which is mismanagement by this govt. very bad

    • Middle to high end jobs should be based on ability not based on citizenship.

      Companies hire based on who can help the co. make money and or expand overseas. So naturally they’ll hire someone with the experience and connections.

    • Michael G R Lum @ of cause it’s base on merit and not price, we are not our Neighbours. And there are no lack of talent for singapore citizens. Reasons why singapore had developed faster than our Neighbours with much less foreigners from the beginning.

  2. Sometimes we hear that our brains are near the arsehole, thus whatever comes out of it gives a BAD Smell. This is what is happening with the PAP government. Constipation of the PAP government in the last 52 years is brewing the smell shits in the brains which are near the arseholes.

  3. This government needs their(new citizens) votes to prolong it’s empire. Many(true blue Singaporeans) have completely lost the trust and confidence of PAP. So sad to conclude.

    • The Opposition Parties should come together (united) to pressure the PAP Government not to immediately give these New Citizens the citizenship until they have resided in Singapore continuouly for ten (10) years, although PAP Government wants to play dirty, so they can stay in power.

    • there are no credible oppositions. We have a cheepanzee, son of an opposition whose father and brother are smarter than him and a bunch of them who doesn’t know what’s going on within their own jurisdiction.

      The govt is not perfect but no one is. So between the devil and the deep blue sea, true Singaporeans vote for who they are familiar with.

    • Michael G R Lum there’s nothing wrong in giving Plan B a go when Plan A is obsolete. The way I see it, Plan B is long overdue but Singaporeans are too kiasi to try. A result of the robotic education system set in place under Plan A arguably

    • Problem with idiots is that they vote for idiots that they are familiar with. Especially when those idiots they voted for are bloody highest paid idiots in the world. And yet idiots still vote these idiots in. It’s incomprehensible.

    • Ben Wong great idea! Who do we have in Plan B?

      Kiasi or not willing to risk handing the country over to a bunch of fumbling nincompoop?

      Perhaps if you can shed some light on who is credible in Plan B.

    • Ronnie Choo why are the 70% the idiots? Perhaps the 30% are the real idiots.

      Well I see a lot of them on social media saying and talking lot but not doing anything. They think voting for the oppositions equals to doing something.

    • “Lost the trust”? Then how do you explain they got 70% votes? We all can speculate but the results speak for itself and out weight any ill feelings against the PAPaya.

  4. I’ve come to a stage where I cant be fking bothered. Why ? This fking island is alredy so diluted with so many foreigners that whenever u heat a local tongue, u feel like bai-tee-kong for that rare find. Whatever lah, as a biz owner, I’m also opening my company doors to fts. As long as cheap and good, why not ? Employ sinkies ?? U wait long long hor..who ask u to vote for this indiscriminate open flood gates ?? Whenever i interview some sinkie kenna retrenched due to displacement by fts..in my heart I say u fking deserve it. Not an iota of pity from me.

    • It’s not about deserving. They reap what they sow. During the last election I went round telling people what’s going to happen if they voted for this government it all fell on deaf ears. Now they pay the price. No jobs for them as most companies prefer foreigners.

    • Problem is there r 70% idiots supporting them, which includes my own family, because they have same surname as the familee. Sad.

      Even recent dispute over the house they can explain it as old imperial family fighting over the throne…… Regardless of how I explain to them……

  5. Singaporeans losing their competitive edge both overseas and worse, even on their own soil!

    But being spoilt they hope their obstacles would be removed like their folks have been doing for them.

    Singapore has to remain competitive so if the locals cannot cut it, foreign talents are needed.

  6. Simple you Singaporeans Loss your job but The G MP did not loss any thing as long as the have the cheap FT with new citizens fir them to Growth the GDP, only stupid is we Singaporeans still believe them n give ” x” for GE , the laughing behind door . Because all the G still get Upper class allowance for their spouse.

  7. The Government’s thinking is definitely flawed as the economy is just not creating enough jobs to absorb the foreign students in Singapore and new immigrants that take up positions that Singaporeans can fill. Singapore should focus on attracting more entrepreneurs and investors who can create employment.

  8. Foreigners given scholarships and tuition grants and eventually citizenship are a safe bet for party support. They are more than likely to support the ruling party since they were never treated so well in their own countries.

    In time to time when the true blue Sporeans ,who had never exercised their votes diligently will never get a chance to do so when they are being outnumbered by new citizens

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