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Singaporeans prefer to be fooled by PAP, ‘good’ jobs go to foreigners

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By: Phillip Ang

In PAP’s elitist eyes, Singaporeans are fools and are therefore treated as such. No one should blame PAP.

For years, Singaporeans have been fooled by PAP’s creation of “good” jobs for citizens, which is of course another half truth. We don’t bother, or are afraid, to ask the government point blank to list all the good jobs it has created. Well, there’s likely to be only a handful and that’s about it because most of the “good” jobs go to foreigners.

Whether a job is ‘good’ is relative: it’s dependent on our living costs.

To a foreigner degree holder from India, any job paying between $2000 and $3000 a month is a good job. Damn good in fact for he would be earning only a fraction of this amount back home and could also have been periodically unemployed. In 15 to 20 years, he would have sufficient savings to enjoy an early retirement back home, not eating at hawker centres but restaurants.

For a local diploma graduate, a $2000 starting salary won’t get him far if he is considering marriage and having kids. Our high cost of living, inflated by PAP through property prices, is a killer and there is little prospect of retirement, even if one eats at a hawker centre every day.

One would have thought that after 26 years of prostituting Singaporeans for GDP growth, PAP must have created hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs. So how come PAP is unable to provide a breakdown of good jobs in the various industries created for SINGAPOREANS?

In a self-insulting statement, DPM Teo insisted PAP was unable to provide “a more detailed breakdown because it may not be in our interests to do so”. “Our” of course refers to “PAP”, not Singaporeans. PAP has resorted to obfuscating the truth by lumping PRs and citizens together. There would be public outrage and all hell will break loose should relevant employment statistics be publicly disclosed.

The majority of Singaporeans appear to be sleepwalking and don’t seem to be aware that government-linked companies are totally dependent on hundreds of thousands of foreigners to mitigate high rental and labour costs. Profit driven PAP will always enact legislations in GLCs’ favour.

(Besides GLCs, there are PAP-affiliated companies – SMCs set up by PAP grasslooters – whose employees are mostly foreigners.)

Sleepwalkers should wake up and take a look at Changi Airport, SATS, SBS Transit, SMRT, NTUC, etc. Still cannot see the hundreds of thousands of jobs created for foreigners?

With the opening of Jewel Changi Airport in 2019, what is the ratio of good jobs created for foreigners vs locals? Of course there are good management positions but don’t they all go to PAP cronies?

Even GLCs in the security industry such as Certis CISCO and AETOS employ at least 80% of foreigners to lower business costs. (AETOS was recently transferred to Surbana Jurong)

If PAP wasn’t profit driven and had focused on improving productivity, it would not have set up an entire business park in Changi for foreigners, mostly Indians. And guess which nationality some of the Indian companies employ. PAP creating good jobs for Singaporeans? Or are we expected to believe that Singaporeans are so choosy that few want good jobs with good pay?

Where is PAP’s ‘blueprint’ for job creation for Singaporeans? How come got no figures?

The business model of most GLCs rely 100% on cheap labour, without which they would have gone ‘pock kai’ years ago. PAP has created hundreds of thousands of jobs which pay peanuts and they do not benefit Singaporeans. PAP has not been creating good jobs for locals.

Singaporeans are supposed to be an educated lot but what’s the point of a ‘good’ education when we choose to go down the same path after being repeatedly fooled?

Republished from the blog ‘likedatosocanmeh‘.

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