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Where is the referee?




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Source: InternetSingTel may come across as being the bad one in the latest public spat between it and StarHub over allowing the latter’s customers to watch EPL matches.
The red team has gone to the wire in sending its cross-carriage provision to the green team even though SingTel started selling its EPL package on Aug 1.
SingTel says the deadline was on — Aug 12 — and it has played by the rules by sending the details to its rival two hours after StarHub’s complaint was made.
This practically shuts the window for StarHub to sell the EPL programme to its customers as the deadline for them to send in their orders was the day before.
Come on, SingTel. We know you are angry at being forced to sell your content to your rival’s customers.
But why make it so difficult for so many soccer fans as they await the kick-off this Saturday?
There is this thing called the spirit of the rule, you know.
And where is the regulator in all this? Their job is not only to adjudicate but also to make sure the process is smooth.
Referee kayu!

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