JUST IN: North-East Line hit with massive congestion, delays after train fault occurs at Clarke Quay station


UPDATE: As of 7.55pm, SBS Transit has reported that there is no train service at Clarke Quay, Little India, Boon Keng, Farrer Park and Dhoby Ghaut stations. Free bus services are available.

Train services on the North-East Line have been delayed this evening due to a train fault at Clarke Quay station towards Punggol.

Today’s train fault comes one day after train service breakdowns occurred on the East-West Line, North-South Line and Circle Line yesterday. Nearly 30 people were injured in the East-West Line incident yesterday when two trains collided at Joo Koon station.

At 6.20pm, SBS Transit told commuters travelling on both directions of the line to add 10 minutes additional travel time to their estimated duration of travel. This was later revised to 15 minutes, in a subsequent tweet around 6.30pm.


Meanwhile, photos and videos of the ensuing congestion taken by irate commuters are circulating online:


    • Trace back please. When Saw was in charge since day one, no such problems. It was only after a few westerners’ buttocks were whacked for vandalism but no mechanical damages that all these start happening. Want to know why?

  1. Grant me my birthday wish I only have one this year: please oh please just let Khaw Boon Wan and his entire family die a most vicious and painful death. I don’t want Michelin, I don’t need to watch the World Cup and I don’t want more money. I just need him and his whole family to die fast, please!!

    • Dino Gonzales I am already being very lenient. It’s because of people like you that these arses can get away scot-Free. Imagine if everyone were to scream obscenities at them at the TOP of their voices like me yesterday, do you honestly think this debacle will continue? Although I hate him but I have to admit most people in his position would not resign. For what resign? Dumb Singaporeans would just mumble softly and then endure it like nothing has happened the next day. So why bother to improve the system?

  2. Didn’t someone once proclaim “In Japan, the chairman and CEO would call a press conference, take a deep bow and, in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri.”?

    Guess now he just says, “That’s life”.

  3. Khaw must step down now! He is completely useless as a transport minister. Such a disgusting human exists here in Singapore! Why is he not ask to step down after so many issues? If he is an employee in a MNC, he is already fired!

  4. In order not to suffer further humiliation in the eyes of other countries, suggest the govt take firm and decisive action in removing those in decision making roles in SMRT but did not have the relevant expert knowledge and experience in handling the rails immediately and hired the qualified and experience professionals in rail management and maintenance to sort out the current series of defects and breakdown daily. This is what we need now rather than letting the public suffering daily due to the frequent breakdown of the trains which not only resulted loss in productivity but also reputation internationally.

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  6. The World Guinness Award goes to “The world class train service that has the most breakdown in a year, for consistency breakdown everyday without a hitch like a clockwork” with such a competency “F”-UP!”…. well done the effort that million dollars celery can do … thats what I call “Ciak-chua” ciak buai sih

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