“Download or get charged” – NSFs forced to download SGSecure App give it scathing 1-star reviews


The SGSecure mobile application has drawn flak from men serving their National Service after they were reportedly forced to download the app for face punitive action.

A flurry of NS men left the app 1-star reviews in response, after allegedly being threatened that they will be charged, will have to do extra duty or that their IC won’t be returned to them after they end their 2-year service.

Launched in September 2016, the SGSecure app aims to prepare the public to deal with possible terror attacks. It allows users make direct emergency calls, report emergencies and receive emergency alerts.



  1. Download for what? Other then popping up with a reference after submission….. no follow up whatsoever at the other end.

    More like it’s SG Stupid instead of Secure!

  2. You accidentally press the wrong button you get call for mischief. What the fuck up system. A bloodly waste of time. Waste of my mobile memory. I need an app how I scared the shit of these men in white.

  3. This is the typical bullshit of NS…..last time before the time of online all these kinds of crap are already happening in other ways but becoz no online platform so no way to expose this shit…..now at least can expose this crap…

  4. Exactly why the uniform service is backward. Then look at the respective ex military muppets in the Ministries and civil service. I’d rather watch paint dry.

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