Caucasian driver flashes middle finger at driver who tried to speed and overtake him


Netizens have flamed a driver who posted a video of himself trying to speed and prevent a Caucasian driving a Mini Cooper to prevent him from turning into his lane and the frustrated Caucasian driver flashing a middle finger at him.

The incident occurred yesterday along Upper Thompson Road, around 5.30pm.

In the video, the Mini Cooper driver signals to turn left but the driver who recorded and posted the video deliberately speeds to block the Mini Cooper driver.

The Mini Cooper angrily speeds up and cuts into the lane before flipping off the driver who tried to block him.

Instead of expressing sympathy for the one who was flipped off, netizens have excoriated him for his rash driving:

redwire singapore mini cooper ang moh middle finger t


    • Agree , why cannot be courteous to slow down allowing the car to filter in changing lane ? Must flip here flip there that might lead to an accident??? Some drivers are just not fit to be on the road , especially those with an ego and are impatient……

  1. Finger too small, cannot see lah. Btw, left car approaching faster, so the right car has no rights on insisting to switch lane, trying to force the cam car to let it pass. Idiotic open top driver, brains must be opened too!

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