‘AngBao is one time, GST is forever’ protest against tax increase in VIDEO


Six civil society players gathered yesterday afternoon to protest the impending Goods and Services Tax (GST) hike that was announced as part of Budget 2018 last week.

The speakers – Tan Kin Lian, Goh Meng Seng, Osman Sulaiman, Prabu Ramachandran, Lim Tean and Damanhuri Abas – took to the Speakers’ Corner at Hong Lim Park to air their frustrations with this year’s budget speech.

Event organiser, noted activist Gilbert Goh had said on Facebook ahead of the protest: “We may not be able to change the mind of the authorities not to raise GST but at least we do something together as Singaporeans rather than pounding away at our keyboards in frustration alone. It is time to stand up Singaporeans and be counted.”


  1. Yes well done, It is not wrong to express our honest thoughts about our government recently deciding on increasing taxes, price of water, and not doing anything for motorcyclists who have to Pay $8,000 to own a motorbike which 125cc the smallest bike which used to cost $3,900/ with SIR, now this $3,900 can’t even match up to the full coe sum!

  2. Tan Kin Lian’s logic made sense. Why should there be GST in the first place when there is COE, Land Sales revenue that can account more than what GST revenue provides ?
    Keep taxing S’poreans with the excuse of prudency and save for the future generations. It is not we want to squander our reserves, it is the way this govt. is squeezing us that made many S’poreans very very fed-up with them !! PAP MPs are really useless …..cannot depend on them to voice out the common folks’s concern on idiotic policies.

  3. Its not Silly 70% who voted for PAP. Ask yourself, how many “new citizens” are there in the 70% who voted for PAP? You will now understand that we Singaporeans are outnumbered by these New Citizens. Add on electoral boundary changes, higher elections deposits, bigger GRC numbers to contest and we can never win! Ask the numbers to get the answers and the true picture because I’m sure majority of Singaporeans did not vote for PAP.

    • That is only one point. However, 70% is an important number , the problem is no one took issues seriously in political arena for the last 10 years. If the employment arena is controlled by Singaporean only , then new citizens not able to step foot. That is only one way by one people but with 4.3 mil people they have 4.3 mil ideas.

  4. Two high calibre speakers talking good sense and should be voted into parliament at the next general election to give our “first world parliament” a kickass jolt to deadwoods into robust debate.

    Four cartoon characters who should not be speaking and should instead be tasked to do ushering work at such events. This is to save our precious time listening to nonsensical arguments without a speck of merit with bad public speaking abilities to boot.

    • While I do agree that these two high calibre speakers should be elected into parliament, we should not
      belittle the other speakers. In fact, we should admire their guts to stand up there to speak …how many S’poreans will want to do that ?

  5. I can tell you that I have not once seen any person I know or in my neighbourhood come to the Hong Lim Park gathering. I see these people with new eyes. They cannot be trusted. I only once saw a older man who runs a Tibetan Buddhist Centre took many photos. I dont know his real intention. I doubt it is good.