Amos Yee’s YouTube channel taken down for pro-pedophilia content, Yee enjoying the media attention

Photo: Facebook/Amos Yee

Obbana Rajah

Singaporean blogger Amos Yee’s YouTube channel has been terminated after he violated YouTube’s community guidelines with pro-pedophilia content.

Amos Yee’s YouTube channel ran for about three years, and had amassed more than 40,000 subscribers.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Yee wrote, “My Youtube Channel and all the videos there have been completely taken down because of my views defending pedophilia. Well”.

While Amos Yee may have been granted asylum in the United States despite the racist and offensive content he posted online in Singapore, the nineteen year old does have a penchant for getting himself in trouble.

In April this year, American news platform CNN published an article about the disconnect between video content and advertisement when it comes to YouTube’s advertisement placements.

They said, “The Genius of Play — a campaign by the Toy Association promoting play in child development — has also pulled its ads from YouTube after CNN found that ads for the campaign were placed on Amos Yee’s channel, which he has used to promote pedophilia”.

Yee has been pushing for the decriminalisation of pedophilia, and following this, YouTube completely removed Yee’s channel’s ability to monetise.

In another Facebook post on Sunday, Yee continued, “My Youtube channel has been taken down, thank gosh I have this Facebook page with roughly the same number of followers. The only problem is most of my audience here are Singaporeans, the most irrelevant group of people in the world F***!”

Thus far, Amos Yee seems to be enjoying all the attention he has received from the media pertaining to his YouTube channel being taken down. In a Facebook video, he brought up the article posted on news website Today and used the opportunity to criticise the local government.

Same old, same old.