10-year-old girl is latest victim of lift accidents in HDB buildings

picture credit: CNA

Despite tightening lift maintenance standards, 10-year-old Chung Yan Ting has become the latest victim of faulty HDB lifts when part of the ceiling light on the lift fell on her as she entered the compartment.

This is the most recent serious lift accident in the past few years, following the incident of a woman whose spine was fractured after she was jerked up and down suddenly while she was in a lift last year, and after the death of an elderly man in May last year who succumbed to injuries from a fall that occurred when he reversed his mobility scooter out of a lift that had stopped 15cm above the ground.

  盛港一组屋电梯,天花板灯盖不知何故坠下,不偏不倚砸中10岁女童的头和脚顿流血,头部现疤痕,脚背缝5针。  宏茂桥市镇会的初步调查显示,灯光扩散器的隔板没固定好,相信导致事件的发生。  发言人补充,他们正进行全面的检查,也会和建设局合作,找出事发的根本原因。

Posted by Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 on Thursday, 8 June 2017

This time, Yan Ting was with her family at Block 325A Sengkang East Way when her mother first entered the defective lift. As Yan Ting followed behind her mother, her father noticed a long metal rod on the lift’s floor. Before he could look around to investigate further, half of the metal and plastic light cover dislodged from the lift’s ceiling and struck Yan Ting.

The child ran out of the lift, shouting “Ah, my head got blood.” The loud sound of the light cover collapsing and Yan Ting’s cries attracted the attention of neighbours who rushed to the bleeding child’s aid. She was rushed to the hospital where she received five stitches on her severely injured foot.

Yan Ting’s mother, Mdm Saw Soh Peng, suffered a small cut on her arm, while father, Mr Chung Koh Choon, and Yan Ting’s five-year-old brother were unharmed.

In speaking to TODAY, Mr Chung said: “I am disappointed and surprised that such a thing could happen. It’s the June holidays now. What if a kid was taking the lift alone when the ceiling fell? I don’t know what will happen.”

Yan Ting is currently recuperating at home. She has said that she is now afraid of taking lifts following the accident.

The lift at Block 325A is now under repair. A representative from Ang Mo Kio Town Council has said that the council is conducting “thorough checks” to determine the exact causes of the mishap.


  1. Sianzzzz. Better back to good old days single level at kampong. Once we dreamt and wished for lifts, then God gave, then Devils destroys.

  2. Killer lifts, that’s why i rather take the stairs, it’s a good form of exercise too. Never trust the PAP, they will only act when someone dies.

  3. Lifts are more complicated than lamp posts? We have 2 nos of car park lamp posts that does not light up for about a week. 4 times calling EMU and several times they “repaired” them. Till tonight . . .your guess is as good as mine . . .they still dont work. Could it be lamp posts are more complicated than lifts instead than? haaaa

    • Increase carpark charges and increase conservacy charges. Now heighten security alert and places are on the dark. So much contradiction. Only one thingbti decribe “never practise what they preach”

  4. Nowadays take lift must have SOP like crossing road. Instead of looking RLR must look UD. Up when entering to see got loose ceiling plate, down when exiting to ensure lift is level with floor. When lift door is closing treat it like yellow traffic light, don’t cross else might encounter rogue lift that clamp you due to faulty sensors.

  5. Town council do they really
    Exit at all Gaji Buta .I once called to complain about culled pigeons in a HDB car park no one answered.I decided to call NEA ,soon got a call from town council on why I called and complain to NEA ,basically told town council u guys don’t answer calls so i will do wat I think so don’t tell me who I should call and I will let NEA
    Know what u have said to me so shut the f up and do your job thanks but no Thks

  6. Lousy town council.i called them after we move in to new flat.lady answer the phone n tell me the manager will.so he did.when i told him my whole family got bitten by sandflies.he told mw to close all window dont open.i told him crazy idiots how to have fresh air if i close all windows? .he goes aarrrrr arrrr nothing we can do.but dont worry when many people move in on your blk.no more sandflies.i told him im gonna call NEA if he wont sent some one to get rid of the sandflies. Next day he sent his bangla n check.i make alots if noise nagging..idiots.

  7. I think need independent expert to certified lift to be in good order to use annually that was where I first moved into HDB. The SG and TC now own self check own self. Their servicing are also vesy poor standards after certification removed…

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