Business & Economy Gadgets YouTuber recreates the new Apple Mac Pro S$5,999 ‘Cheese Grater’ to test...

YouTuber recreates the new Apple Mac Pro S$5,999 ‘Cheese Grater’ to test functionality

Without having to wait until the fall to find out the possible additional feature of the machine, Winston Moy recreated the design to check if the high-end machine would live up to its moniker




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YouTube – After seeing numerous posts comparing the new Apple Mac Pro’s grill design to a cheese grater, DIY YouTuber Winston Moy tried recreating the design to check if it could indeed be the world’s most expensive kitchen utensil.

From “trash can” to “cheese grater,” Apple is not new to ridicule when it comes to their product designs. Touted as Apple’s most professional line-up to date, the second version of the Mac Pro is said to be able to “run unconstrained at full power at all times.”

Equipped with the world’s most powerful graphics card, three large fans that keep the component cool yet quiet, a custom expansion module called the MPX Module to deliver more power and high-speed connectivity to components, and so much more, the new Mac Pro is a major upgrade from its predecessor which Apple admitted was a mistake.

However, many in the online community is seeing something amiss about the design, or rather, a distinct similarity of the grill to a commonly used kitchen utensil.

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At the beginning of his video, Winston features the many times tech reviewers have coined the CPU as a “cheese grater.”

Without having to wait until the fall to find out the possible additional feature of the machine, Winston went on and recreated the design to check if the high-end machine could live up to its new nickname.

Since he couldn’t get his hands on the actual CPU, the DIY engineer used a hand-sized aluminium block and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) drill to recreate the grill.

After a few minutes of technical jargon, Winston revealed his version of the cheese grater that stayed as close as possible to the actual design, complete with a satin finish.

After asking himself “What would Steve Jobs do” on a complication with the ventilation, Winston noted how he improved on the design of the original Mac Pro chassis.

“In that sense, I’m actually improving Apple’s design by taking the time to make all these small cut-outs around the perimeter of the holes,” said the YouTuber.

And now, the reveal.

“To answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind but really doesn’t matter,” the grill does not function well as a cheese grater.

He used Pecorino Romano cheese (a hard and salty Italian cheese) because of its right consistency but was not able to properly grate the cheese.

“So, in conclusion, the performance of the Mac Pro as a cheese grater is unsurprisingly disappointing,” said Winston.

He did, however, find a perfect alternative for his creation – a soap dish. He hinted on the potential of Apple expanding to bed, bath & beyond products.

The Mac Pro is set to be released around September to November 2019 and starts at US$5,999 (S$8,122) for the CPU only. -/TISG

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